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World-Class Sunsets, Isla Mujeres Style!

Here at Privilege Aluxes, we’re proud to give our guests front-row seats to some of the finest vistas in the Caribbean! And, speaking of vistas, we’re going to modestly assert that you haven’t really seen a sunset until you spend an evening on the Isla Mujeres beachfront.

Given our perch on the northwestern coast of the island, you get to kick back and watch the sun slide down over the beaches and rainforests of the Yucatan mainland across shimmering Caribbean waters.

A Highlight of the Day

The spectacle is glorious in and of itself, but sundown on Isla Mujeres also summons a very special atmosphere: the sense of being blissfully removed from workaday cares, of realizing your own private tropical paradise. After a day of sightseeing Mayan ruins, snorkeling the mighty Mesoamerican Barrier Reef Complex, or pampering yourself silly in our very own Spa Mystique, a Yucatan sunset is the icing on the cake—and a major dollop of it!

Besides winding down the day’s fun and adventure, our sunsets and their irresistible spell kick-start that cheery Isla Mujeres nightlife. Though it’s easy enough to ferry-hop between Cancun clubs and our paradisiacal resort, you may find this tucked-away island’s homegrown bars, eateries, and beach parties—lively but laidback—all the more appealing than the mainland’s craziness.

The Best Seats in the House

The Privilege Aluxes grounds—a beachfront chair (or massage table), the swimming pool, your own balcony—offer exquisite spots for soaking up every hue of the Isla Mujeres twilight. (And there are a lot of them.) Besides our slice of heaven (and gorgeous Playa Norte just next door), other good vantages include Playa Lancheros in the southwest and the western peninsula’s seacoast.

Isla Mujeres sunsets—like the summertime return of the whale sharks, or the nesting visits of our Caribbean seat turtles—are timeless phenomena. Taking one in from our resort, you start thinking of the enduring constant of this beautiful evening magic, going on at day’s end across the centuries and the millennia. It’s hard not to daydream of the glory days of the Mayan Empire, when Isla Mujeres was a place to worship Ix Chel, the venerable goddess of childrearing and medicine.

Whether you’re mulling deep time or cultivating a little magic-hour R&R after an unforgettable day of island excitement, we’d love to be your Isla Mujerest hosts right here at Privilege Aluxes, where world-class sunsets are just part of the package. Make your Caribbean dreams come true and toast the crimson sun with a tropical cocktail!