Winning Accolades is Done By Adding Pampering to Paradise

If you are well traveled, you have probably had your fair share of challenges and possibly just a handful of incredible experiences.

Travelers who come to Isla Mujeres have high standards because, quite often, they have already seen a lot of sugary-sand and gin-clear beaches. It has been exciting to learn that the experience at Privilege Aluxes is memorable enough that guests feel compelled to share their stories of colorful outings and poolside luxury, which they are happy to recommend.

Our recent Award was no surprise. We are immersed in stunning surroundings and our rooms are modern with full amenities to allow for unwinding and laid-back bliss. Arriving at Privileges Aluxes is shedding a layer of tribulations from the mundane and transitioning, mentally and spiritually, to a leisurely pace.

The rewarding part is that people have really felt pampered and impressed by the atmosphere, comfort, cuisine, and entertainment options they had on the island. It helps that we are not exactly known for large crowds.

Since cell phones are never off these days, especially because they are our cameras (and you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to capture the marine wildlife here), being away from home does not always mean that your soul is being nurtured. Those spa treatments have really done wonders for our otherwise busy visitors.

Great sleep used to be a given. Now, because of tablets and social pressure to keep up with absolutely everything and everyone, sleep is a luxury. Profound rest after a perfect day at Isla Mujeres is a given at our hotel.

Hospitality is more than a checklist of items placed in a suite. Having earned this award means we created the setting where a person will happily surrender to the wind and waves, a cocktail by the pool, a snorkeling excursion or an alluring range of exotic flavors at our restaurants. When you see someone looking at their loved ones, smiling as they gaze upon the views, or excitedly planning to explore the reef, the Sculpture Park or the other attractions, that is a sign of world-class service delivered in a subtle way. It means we thought of all the details, but made it seem effortless. This is a place so perfect that improving upon it was hard. But someone has to do it, right? So we added concierge services to make sure that our guests had the options to match the pursuits of all styles and personalities that visit us.

The rest is in the eye of the beholder.