What is an Isla-Holic?

Have you ever heard the phrase—the diagnosis, maybe we should say—“Isla-holic?”

We count more than a few of our regular return guests here at Privilege Aluxes among this category, which unlike many other pathologies is a pretty wonderful thing to suffer from.

We’re talking about those who’ve tasted the charms and beauties and surprises of Isla Mujeres and have come away utterly hooked. It’s not exactly hard.


writeup on the Isla Mujeres Magazine blog pulls together a whole slew of clear and indisputable hallmarks of an Isla-holic (drawing from TripAdvisor, Facebook, and other comments by genuine Isla Mujeres fanatics). We thought we’d spotlight a sample—see if any of these symptoms hit close to home!

1.) Isla Mujeres has been your only vacation destination in better than five years (from “MD in TX”).

2.) The first thing you do upon returning home from the island? Washing swimwear and your tropical wardrobe and immediately repacking them in the suitcase (from “Malacker”).

3.) You ask folks back home what their sunset plans are (from “D Martin”. (We’ve got some killer sunsets down here, in case you hadn’t heard.)

4.) At 20 degrees Fahrenheit back home, you still insist on wearing the flip flops (from “Mapchick”).

5.) You can’t stop talking about Isla Mujeres (from “Workfortips”)

6.) Friends and neighbors begin assuming you actually liveon Isla Mujeres, and you’re simply visiting back home (from “IloveNotKamping”).

7.) Your visits to the island keep getting longer every year (from “Lovebirds51”).

The Isla Mujeres Experience: Brought to You By Privilege Aluxes

There’s no surer path to becoming an Isla Mujeres obsessive than by treating yourself to a vacation at Privilege Aluxes. Sand-in-your-toes cocktails for sunset, couples massages or me-time indulgences at the Spa Mystique, sit-down dinners at Satay or Sabor or cabana refreshments at the Pool Bar: Our resort distills the Caribbean vacation experience to its essence. And meanwhile you’ve got fantastic Isla Mujeres attractions within easy reach, from SCUBA reefs and sportfishing depths to nightclubs and sculpture gardens.

Don’t fear the Isla-holic route: It’s perfectly understandable given the irresistible appeal of our dreamy isle off Cancun, and you certainly won’t be alone in your “affliction.” We’ll see you down here at Privilege Aluxes for your next getaway in paradise!