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Travel & Tourist Tips for Isla Mujeres, Mexico​

Considering a getaway with us here at Privilege Aluxes on the gorgeous Caribbean haven of Isla Mujeres? Great! We can’t wait to welcome you to this beautiful place and show you some pitch-perfect tropical hospitality.

If this is your first visit to Isla Mujeres, we thought we’d provide a few miscellaneous travel tips to help you prepare for what’s sure to be a magical, rejuvenating getaway to a genuine island paradise. So, without further ado, let’s dig in!

How to Get Here

Isla Mujeres is the perfect mix of tranquility, scenic beauty, nightlife, and accessibility. It’s slower-paced than Cancun just across the water, offering an awesome alternative to that bustling resort hub.

It’s blissfully easy to get to our isle. It’s a mere 20-minute drive, taxi ride, or shuttle from Cancun International Airport to the Puerto Juarez Maritime Terminal, where you’ve got a lovely ferry ride of about the same length to reach Isla Mujeres. After disembarking, you’re just five minutes by taxi to Privilege Aluxes.

If you want to go the total hassle-free route, we offer transportation services between the airport and the resort.

Getting Around the Island

Isla Mujeres is nice and compact, and thankfully low on traffic jams and congestion—getting around is a joy! Taxis provide convenient transportation, though many visitors opt to rent golf carts or mopeds for tooling between destinations.

Sun Protection

You’ve got some glorious Caribbean sunshine to drink up during your Privilege Aluxes stay: It’s one of the stars of the show, after all. Don’t forget, however, to protect yourself from those rays as well. Bring along sunscreen of adequate SPF as well as sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat; you can also purchase these items on the island. The important thing is to actually use them!

Buffering yourself from excess sun exposure goes hand in hand with staying properly hydrated, so keep chugging that water (along with whatever other cold libations you’re enjoying as beachfront refreshment).

Isla Mujeres Wear

Isla Mujeres is a casual, friendly, laidback sort of place, and you’ll likely spend much of your time happily garbed up in beachwear. Consider packing a sweater, pullover, or light jacket for nights out, though: It’s never cold here, but it can be a little chilly sometimes after the sun goes down.

Book Your Privilege Aluxes Getaway Early

Especially if you’re hoping to visit during the busy summer season, it’s wise to book your Privilege Aluxes accommodations as early as you can. Ideally, figure out a few different date ranges that work for you and then get in touch. We want to make sure your dream vacation to Isla Mujeres happens!