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The Best Foodie Spots on Isla Mujeres

Hey, foodies! You know who you are. That rumbling sound isn’t distant storm clouds, because it hardly ever storms in El Pueblo on the beautiful Isla Mujeres. Nope. That would be, as the locals would say, los estómagos de los hambrientos (the tummies of you hungry guys).

El Pueblo may be a small town on this little dagger-shaped Caribbean island paradise, but it has a big-city selection of great places to eat, whether you’re looking for anchovies or zucchini (a to z, get it?). You don’t have to go hungry in El Pueblo.

Staying at this luxury resort, Privilege Aluxes, definitely has its amenities and perks, and it even has its own great restaurant and outdoor dining, but you might want to get out and about and sample the local talent. You wouldn’t even have to eat the same type of food twice.

Here’s a sampling of the eclectic mix of the best foodie spots on Isla Mujeres:


You weren’t going to visit Mexico without sampling authentic Mexican food, were you? Of course you weren’t. Head down the Avienda Juárez a local favorite, the Loncheria La Lomita. Don’t let the humble surroundings and plastic tables and chairs fool you.

The locals love this place, and the chile relleno and enormous portions of just about everything else are the best on the island.


Isla Mujeres is as Caribbean as it is Mexican. For Caribbean fine dining head up to North Avienda Hidalgo 27 to Lola Valentina for a great breakfast of coconut French toast or eggs Benedict. If you’re into a big Caribbean supper made from the chef’s original recipes, order the shrimp-stuffed red snapper or the chicken kabobs. They are de rechupete. (That’s a Mexican foodie way of saying yummy.)


Strolling around Hildalgo’s main strip y tienes antojo por comida italiana? (That means are you hankering for Italian food? See how hunger can be an incentive to learn a foreign language?) Anyway, if you like the Italian bistro ambiance and your food cooked in a wood-fired oven, come get a think crispy crust and delicious pizza from Angelo. Not into pizza? Try Angelo’s delicious lasagna.

Angelo is a longtime denizen of Isla Mujeres, and he can give you some great pointers on places to go to walk off all those calories he feeds you.


Who knew you could get the best, richest Hungarian potatoes at a Cuban restaurant? Come to Qubano, again on the Avenida Hidalgo, and meet El Pueblo’s queen of Cuban cuisine, who happens to be of Hungarian descent. Skip the bread and order fried plantains with onion and range sauce, which is also de rechupete. (Go back and read about Lola Valentina if you forgot the meaning of that term.)

Just out for a burger? Try their juicy offering stuffed with goat cheese and yucca fries on the side.

Café style

Within a short stroll from Privilege Aluxes is the Aluxes Coffee House on Avienda Miguel Hidalgo. If you’re heading out or back from your beach stroll, stop in and get an early-morning cappuccino buzz and its island-famous banana bread or the cheesecake and triple-fudge brownies. You’ll need to hustle for the banana bread, though. It’s usually sold out by 10 a.m.

Want something more substantial? Try their egg and chorizo sausage fajitas. You may decide to head back out to the beach for another brisk walk because you couldn’t pass up their terrific smoothie selection.

¡No hay razón tener hambre en Isla Mujeres!

Loose translation: There’s no reason to go hungry just because you’re on a Mexican vacation. As we said previously, that would be because: 1) here on Isla Mujeres our restaurants serve rib-sticking fare made from fresh ingredients, and 2) our servers are helpful and hospitable.

Most El Pueblo eating spots don’t offer the expensive, formal dining experiences you’ll find in neighboring Cancún. Just come as you are and enjoy good eating on this great island vacation spot.