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The Best Beaches on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Whether it’s unforgettable swim-alongs with enormous whale sharks and impossibly elegant sailfish, a dive among the seafloor statues of the Underwater Museum, or a visit to sea turtles of the Tortugranja, Isla Mujeres come chockablock with one-of-a-kind attractions. There’s no question, though, that at or near the top of many visitors’ to-do lists for their Caribbean getaway here is putting in some major time at the beach.

Well, then let’s cut right to the chase: Here at Privilege Aluxes, we set you up in luxury and style within shouting distance of top-grade Isla Mujeres sand. Besides the beachfront at your ready disposal as a guest of our resort, here are a few of our favorite seashores on the island for hardcore R&R and watery fun!

Playa Norte

The celebrity among Isla Mujeres’ beaches and one ranked among the very best in the entire Cancun region, Playa Norte is just a stone’s throw away from Privilege Aluxes along the El Centro waterfront. As with the other beach spreads here on the northwest margin of the island, the waters here—easing westward to the Cancun coast—are sheltered and calm: one big welcome mat for swimmers and snorkelers. And the exquisite white sands of Playa Norte, beautifully wedged between a wall of palm trees and the turquoise sea, provide a postcard-worthy spot for blissful lounging.

You’ve also got easy access to bars and restaurants, plus watersports rentals. All in all, Playa Norte well deserves its high-profile reputation as a preeminent Isla Mujeres strand—and it’s all yours to enjoy just steps from Privilege Aluxes!

Playa Garrafon

Down on the southwestern coast of Isla Mujeres, meanwhile, Playa Garrafon is another winner: a pearly runway of sand offering lounge-ready beach chairs and cabanas as well as an ideal jumping-off point for snorkeling the nearshore reefs. You’ve also got the myriad enticements of the Garrafon Natural Reef Park—from ziplines to dolphin encounters—at your disposal, as well as the sublime rocky coastline of Punta Sur—home to a Mayan temple and the “Cliff of Dawn,” the first spot in Mexico to enjoy sunrise—close by.

Other Great Isla Mujeres Beaches

Whether dining on fresh grilled seafood at Playa Lancheros or strolling the pier at Playa Tiburon (just a stone’s throw from the Tortugranja Turtle Farm), you’ve got numerous other prime Isla Mujeres beachfront to enjoy on the calm, sandy western coast.

Beach Sunsets

And we can’t not mention the world-famous sunsets of Isla Mujeres, for which our Privilege Aluxes beach or any of the above options provide unbeatable vantages…

Indulge in a Caribbean Beach Escape at Privilege Aluxes

From Playa Norte to Playa Garrafon, come explore the dream-tastic beaches of Isla Mujeres with a Privilege Aluxes getaway—and remember you can nurse a cocktail or tuck into a full meal right along the wave-kissed sands here at our resort!