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The Best Asian Cuisine in Isla Mujeres

It goes without saying (hopefully) that you can partake of some absolutely world-class Mexican cuisine on a getaway to Isla Mujeres at our Privilege Aluxes resort. But as it happens there’s also some truly superb Asian and Asian/Mexican fusion gastronomy available on this magical Caribbean island—including right here at our resort!—as well as the nearby Cancun coast.

Let’s talk a little about our home restaurant, Satay!

Satay at Privilege Aluxes

After enjoying the beauty of poolside and beachside lounging, venture to an authentic dining experience at Satay. 

Satay offers a combination of Thai and Oriental cuisine, with a unique ability of magnifying taste buds with every bite. Thai food is internationally famous. Whether chili-spices or more inert ingredients, harmony is the guiding principle behind every dish. Satay marries centuries-old Eastern and Western influences with a touch of Mexican sabor. Enjoy some of your favorite Thai and Oriental cuisines, where each dish is made with your dining pleasure in mind!

You don’t even have to leave the grounds of our luxury Isla Mujeres resort to enjoy great Asian cuisine. Thai and other Asian dishes are the focus at our Satay restaurant right inside of Privilege Aluxes—just one of our on-site dining options, which also include Sabor restaurant and our Privilege Beach Club.

Enjoy Fine Asian and Asian Fusion Cuisine on an Isla Mujeres Escape at Privilege Aluxes

We most certainly recommend sampling local Mexican cookery on your Isla Mujeres getaway, but there’s also a surprisingly international scope to the dining scene in our corner of the Yucatan Caribbean, and that includes more than a few outstanding Asian and fusion establishments well worth checking out!

We welcome you to enjoy the best in oriental and Thai cuisine all the while staying at our world class resort!