Thanksgiving on Isla Mujeres

Thanksgiving’s a wonderful holiday: a time to express gratitude, to spend time with loved ones, to indulge in the simple pleasures of good conversation and a hearty meal (plus leftovers, of course!).

If you’re looking for something a little different, Isla Mujeres provides a deliciously laidback setting for a Thanksgiving getaway. Here at Privilege Aluxes, we’ll show you plenty of luxurious hospitality and happy service to ensure a warm, carefree holiday on Caribbean shores.

Compared to the often excessively commercialized observances of Thanksgiving elsewhere, we think you’ll find the slow pace and easy friendliness of our island paradise a welcome change.

Thanksgiving Feasting on Isla Mujeres

Thanksgiving dinner-wise, you’ll have numerous options at island restaurants—including at Qubano, which abides by a long tradition of whipping up just-like-home turkey for Turkey Day. Then again, you may want to eschew the barnyard fowl altogether and make your Thanksgiving feast one of zesty and colorful Mexican/Caribbean cuisine. Heck, maybe you want to do both—after all, this is one season that encourages a little bit of measured gluttony.

And speaking of, you’ve got multiple holiday dining choices right here at Privilege Aluxes, from the seafood delicacies at Privilege Beach Club to the Asian flavors of Satay. We’d love to serve you a special and scrumptious lunch or dinner—and hey, we’ll do all the cleaning up, too!

Unbeatable Holiday Weather

In most parts of North America, late November’s edging toward the dark and chilly side of things—there may even be a few snowflakes starting to tentatively waft down out of the skies. Here on Isla Mujeres, meanwhile, you’ll be enjoying tropical warmth and sunshine: the perfect weather to indulge in a little T-Day sunbathing, swimming, or snorkeling—maybe deep-sea fishing or sailing, too.

And those astonishing sunsets Isla Mujeres is so renowned for? Well, they’ll of course be putting on their mesmerizing day’s-end show for your Thanksgiving visit. (On the subject of gratitude, those epic sunsets are an everyday reminder for us to be thankful that we get to live and work in such a gorgeous place…)

Holiday Spa Time

And how about integrating some R&R in our Spa Mystique, with its extensive massages, body wraps, manicures, and other high-end services? It may well turn out to be your most all-around pampered Thanksgiving ever…

Whether you’re able to spend Thanksgiving with us on this lovely Caribbean isle or you’re observing it back home, we wish you a very happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Privilege Aluxes! We hope to see you down on Isla Mujeres soon.