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St. Patrick’s Day on Isla Mujeres

Looking for an unforgettable—like, really unforgettable—place to mark that boisterous holiday of St. Patrick’s Day this March 17th?

Well, come to the transcendent Caribbean paradise of Isla Mujeres for the occasion, and enjoy the most luxurious of beachfront resort accommodations at Privilege Aluxes!

Our gorgeous and laidback island makes a fabulous place to toast Saint Patrick, whether you’re of Irish descent or not. We’re a nice escape from the all-out ruckus that accompanies some destinations’ St. Paddy’s Days, yet fully equipped for as much full-bore celebrating as you’d like to pursue—plus an easy ferry ride from bigger and more over-the-top shenanigans across the water in Cancun!

A Snapshot History of St. Patrick’s Day

Maewyn Succat isn’t exactly a household name, but that’s the moniker St. Patrick had at birth in 5th-century Britannia, aka Roman-controlled Great Britain. The story goes he first arrived in Ireland as a slave, but ultimately escaped, converted to Christianity, and became a priest in France. He later returned to the Emerald Isle preaching the gospel, his alleged visual aid for explaining the Holy Trinity being a three-leaf clover (or shamrock): now of course an iconic symbol of Ireland.

Christian tradition gives the date of St. Patrick’s death as March 17th, 461. He became a patron saint of Ireland and March 17th a formal feast day in his honor. Over time, and particularly with observance of the feast day by Irish-Americans in the United States, St. Patrick’s Day has taken on its own life as a secular celebration of Irish culture in general, associated as much with green-dyed beer and bar-hopping as its historical and religious roots.

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day With Privilege Aluxes

However you choose to mark St. Patrick’s feast day, we invite you to do it with us here on Isla Mujeres! New York City may have the world’s largest St. Patrick’s Day parade, Chicago may dye its river green, but we beat them all out when it comes to weather, that’s for sure! Hit up the Privilege Beach Club or Pool Bar for suitable St. Paddy’s Day revelry, and soak up maybe the world’s best sunset with some sand between your toes.

Meanwhile, if you want a taste for genuine holiday revelry, Cancun’s nightclubs and beach parties await only a ferry ride away—and it’s a joy to have tranquil Isla Mujeres and our luxurious resort to return to after!

Make your reservations for an Isla Mujeres-style St. Patrick’s Day celebration at Privilege Aluxes today! And we’d be remiss not wishing the luck of the Irish upon you, meanwhile…