Isla Mujeres Attractions

Sightseeing on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

It’s no kind of stretch to say you could spend all of your time on Isla Mujeres on the grounds of our resort and enjoy a tropical vacation straight out of paradise.

But you’ll definitely be rewarded for venturing outside our fabulous beachfront: There’s an awful lot to see on our Caribbean island, even though it’s not the biggest in the book.

We’re always happy to give sightseeing recommendations to any and all of our guests, but here’s a shortlist of some of the must-see Isla Mujeres spots!

Punta Sur

The south toe of Isla Mujeres forms a really lovely seacoast, a craggy and wave-lashed one that provides nice contrast to the blissful beaches closer to Privilege Aluxes. The Caribbean scenery alone’s worth it, but Punta Sur has other attractions: not least the famous statue of the Mayan fertility and moon goddess Ixchel (whom we’ve profiled here at the Privilege blog before).

Actually, regal Ixchel herself is only one of a number of artistic effigies you’ll find in the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden, which lie on the grounds of the endlessly fun Garrafon Reef Park.


Painted Ladies of Centro

From private homes to the much-loved watering hole of La Tablitas (Hemingway’s Grill), a roster of brightly colored homes and businesses in the Isla Mujeres downtown of El Centro collectively make one of the island’s best-known landmarks: the Painted Ladies of Centro! Did somebody say photo op?

And given all the eateries, shops, and street merchants, El Centro’s its own must-visit spot on the “Island of Women.”


Tortugranja Turtle Farm

The waters off Isla Mujeres are world-renowned for their marine life, with the mighty (and utterly gentle) whale shark being the standout beast. But a bevy of sea turtles (aka tortugas) also call these Caribbean depths home, nesting on the powdery beaches of the isle between May and October.

The Tortugranja (“Turtle Farm”), which we’ve also profiled here at the blog, gives you an up-close and personal look at greens, loggerheads, and other native sea turtles. At this noble government-run facility, wounded or sick animals are nursed back to health to be rereleased into the wild, while those too vulnerable to return to the ocean are given a permanent and loving home.


Isla Mujeres Cemetery

Easily reached from Privilege Aluxes, Isla Mujeres’s cemetery is no grim place: rather a peaceful, poignant, and gorgeously sculptured and decorated refuge that’s well worth a visit. One of the highlights is the tomb of the legendary 19th-century Spanish-born pirate Mundaca, who established his Isla Mujeres stronghold, Hacienda Mundaca, with the spoils from his slave-trading enterprise.

What’s especially intriguing is that Mundaca’s tomb on Isla Mujeres is empty: The pirate himself made the sepulcher, strikingly decorated with skull-and-crossbones and an inscription referencing his doomed love for a local woman La Triguena, but Mundaca actually died in the Yucatan city of Merida.

We’ve only scratched the surface of Isla Mujeres’s sights to see, which also include the beautiful PangeaSeed sea-wall murals, several lighthouses, and the world-famous underwater sculpture museum of Museo Subacquatico Arte (MUSA). Come discover the many dimensions of Caribbean island beauty at your fingertips during a stay at Privilege Aluxes!