Safety & Authenticity of Luxury Isla Mujeres Resort

Join us at Privilege Aluxes, and you’ll be treated to one of the most magical corners of the Caribbean: a place that combines luxurious tropical tranquility and ravishing seascape beauty with the friendly, authentic, and diverse local culture of Isla Mujeres.

Whether you’re seeking laidback, meditative R&R or a packed-to-the-gills itinerary taking in all the sights above and below the water, Isla Mujeres off the Cancun coast makes a safe and stunning escape from the rush and stress of the outside world.

Isla Mujeres Safety & Privilege Aluxes: The Longer Your Visit, the Better

While of course, we’ll welcome you here to our adults-only luxury beachside resort for even the briefest visit, we strongly encourage you to spare more than a couple of days. The tempo of this island is an unhurried one; its charms are both of the bowl-you-over variety—a heavenly sunset, a mighty whale shark—and the subtler, seductive kind. Letting the mood and pace of Isla Mujeres wash over you is magical (and a clear first step toward becoming an “Isla-holic,” as they call them).

Here at Privilege Aluxes, we pride ourselves on the caliber and safety of our attractions and amenities: from the perfection of our rooms and suites and the flavorful liveliness of the Privilege Beach Club and our other on-site eateries and lounges to the swoony sessions at our Spa Mystique. You’ve got two of the island’s most celebrated “products”—sand and sunsets—right at your fingertips as our guest.

With the vision and the objective of guaranteeing the security of the inhabitants and visitors of Isla Mujeres, security efforts have doubled in recent years, which has made Isla Mujeres the safest municipality in Quintana Roo.

Likewise, the conditions of security and attention on the beaches of Isla Mujeres are increased. The City Council maintains a firm commitment to keep its beaches in optimal conditions and preserve the good image that characterizes the island to receive the thousands of tourists who arrive at the Magical Town.

But you’ll be rewarded for venturing beyond the resort and exploring the rest of our small, compact, but bewitching isle. Our concierge services are a great place to start and guide your enjoyment and safety in Isla Mujeres. 

The Joys of Exploring Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a place you can safely and efficiently explore by foot, by taxi, and by that beloved local mode of transportation, the golf cart (easily rentable). The “Painted Ladies” of El Centro, the local vendors selling arts, crafts, and Caribbean seashells, the restaurants and nightclubs and boutiques, the cemetery’s famous pirate tomb: Isla Mujeres culture has so much to offer. From fishermen and artists to those ex-pats who’ve fallen majorly under the Isla spell, it’s a joy to interact with the locals along the way.

From Playa Norte and the Malecons to the dramatic cliffs of Punta Sur, where a striking statue of the goddess Ixchel summons the island’s Mayan heritage, the Caribbean shores of Isla Mujeres will draw you back again and again. Here you can easily mix days of utter sunbathing and beach-bar relaxation with some of the finest snorkeling and scuba-diving anywhere, not to mention kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding, ziplining, and other more active adventures.

Surrender to this special place: Let Isla Mujeres sweep you off your feet with a luxury getaway to Privilege Aluxes.