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Seaweed Free Playa Norte

Maybe you’ve seen the recent headlines: seaweed clogging up popular Caribbean beaches, turning glorious white sands into piled-up brown wrack—and turning swimmers and sunbathers away.

Well, we’ve got very good news for you: While those seaweed “infestations” are definitely an issue in some places, they really aren’t here on Isla Mujeres, which means you’ve got plenty of pristine tropical sand to enjoy as a guest of ours here at Privilege Aluxes!

Isla Mujeres Beaches Open for Business

The offending seaweed that’s been causing problems in some parts of the Caribbean is a pelagic, or open-ocean, species of macroalgae known as sargassum. The name may ring a bell: Big accumulated rafts of sargassum give name to the Sargasso Sea, which lies within that oceanic current loop known as the North Atlantic Gyre.

For reasons not entirely nailed down, prevailing currents have been more regularly depositing large amounts of sargassum on some Caribbean beaches. Now, keep in mind this is a natural and beneficial process, helping to add nutrients to strand and other coastal ecosystems. But needless to say, large quantities of seaweed engulfing powdery beaches aren’t a desirable situation for beachgoers or resort owners, even though for the most part the issue is just an aesthetic one, not otherwise harmful.

Ocean current and wind patterns do us really good as they are not blowing mats off seaweed towards our Beach. If you want to avoid the seaweed and still enjoy sea and sand, then don’t worry, thanks to our location, Playa Norte is a west-facing beach that is kind of sargassum-free and it is truly breathtaking, easily accessed from Cancun and features one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Playa Norte plus the island has the Underwater Art Museum (IMAGENES) that will complement your list of Things to do & enjoying incredible snorkeling PLUS this amazing Sunset ….

In short, Isla Mujeres provides a great alternative beach destination if the Caribbean coast you were thinking of visiting is among those significantly impacted by sargassum.

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