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Privilege Aluxes Loyalty Program

Here at Privilege Aluxes, we really mean it when we say that our guests are like family to us. We take genuine pride giving you a lovely and luxurious tropical getaway here on Isle Mujeres, and we’re only satisfied if you are. One way we show our love for our returning guests is via the Privilege Aluxes Loyalty Program.

It’s pretty easy to sum up: Once privileged, always privileged!

Our Returning Guests

If you’ve visited us here at Privilege Aluxes, there’s a good chance you find yourself daydreaming about our heaven-sent resort and the gorgeous beaches, coral reefs, restaurants, shops, and other attractions easily reached from our grounds. Unreal sunsets, beachfront happy hours, schools of tropical fish, a plateful of fresh island cuisine—magic’s an everyday thing here at Privilege Aluxes. And it’s that everyday magic that tends to come to mind amid the hustle and bustle of “back-home” life.

Those sorts of Privilege Aluxes daydreams tend to quickly snowball into a pressing urge to get back to our palm-dotted shores. And of course we’re eager to see you again, too! That’s where our Loyalty Program comes into play: We offer special discounts to our returning guests so it’s all the easier and more affordable to come back to this Isla Mujeres paradise!

If you’re thinking about coming back and staying with us again at Privilege Aluxes, just email the name your previous reservation(s) was under to and we’ll be glad to send you your Loyalty Program code!

Staying in Touch with Privilege Aluxes

Cruise our social-media accounts or search the #PrivilegeAluxes or #IslaMujeres hashtags, and you’re likely to see some of our many regular guests—people who’ve been a part of the Privilege Aluxes family for years, even.

And speaking of social media, we’re stoked that Twitter, Facebook, Yelp, and other platforms allow us to interface with all of our Privilege Aluxes guests—first-timers and regulars alike—even when they’re off the island. We’ve been loving responding to some of the recent reviewers over at TripAdvisor, for example. Folks like Perryberry (“Location, Pool, Beach, Friendly Staff, Clean…what more can you ask for?!”), toniann824 (“great location and excellent service”), and garcialisak (“Great location”), all of whom, we’re so happy to say, gave us five stars!

Once Privileged, Always Privileged

We don’t just hope you’ll come stay with us at Privilege Aluxes for an unforgettable Caribbean vacation: We hope you’ll come back again and again! As a return guest, you’ll automatically be part of the Privilege Aluxes Loyalty Program—and that’s a darn good deal indeed!