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Pristine & Sea-Weed Free Waters At Privilege Aluxes

In the past several years, pileups of seaweed have been major news items throughout the Caribbean as well as in Florida. While in some areas—including parts of Mexico’s Quintana Roo coast—this seaweed wrack has been a significant issue and a complicating factor for beachgoers, the good news is it’s only a minor factor here on Isla Mujeres.

That means you most likely will have essentially seaweed-free beaches to enjoy and pristine Caribbean waters on your tropical getaway with Privilege Aluxes!

The Sargassum Situation

The offending seaweed is sargassum, a kind of pelagic macroalgae best known for the great rafts it forms in the part of the North Atlantic known as the Sargasso Sea. (The Sea forms the middle of the North Atlantic Gyre, defined by clockwise-flowing ocean currents that accumulate sargassum and other debris between them.)

Occasionally prevailing currents bring sargassum in large quantities to the shores of the Caribbean, a natural (and, in terms of nutrient flow, beneficial) phenomenon that—for reasons not entirely understood—has been increasing in frequency and scope lately. For the most part the issue is an aesthetic one, with seaweed clogging up beaches and making swimming and sunbathing a bit less appealing.

Less of a Problem on Isla Mujeres

Fortunately, the sargassum problem is not so pronounced on Isla Mujeres. That’s partly due to our little island’s relation to prevailing currents, and partly because of its diligent beach-cleanup task force.

Each morning, crews visit the major Isla Mujeres beaches to rake up and remove any sargassum wrack. Depending on where and when you’re beachgoing, it’s possible you may run into some seaweed, but generally speaking you’re not going to be dealing with it much on Isla Mujeres. That’s especially true on the northern and western beaches that, being calmer than the Caribbean-side ones, are most popular anyhow for swimming.

Enjoy a Beach Getaway in the Mexican Caribbean at Privilege Aluxes

From famous Playa Norte, recently ranked as one of the top 25 beaches in the world by TripAdvisor, to Playa Garrafon, check out our roundup of the best beaches Isla Mujeres has to offer right here.

Our luxury resort here at Privilege Aluxes puts the island’s postcard-perfect beachfront at your fingertips, with some spectacular sunset sands at your beck and call right here and all the other notable beachgoing destinations within wonderfully easy reach. From romantic beachfront dinners to lazy afternoons spent lounging, soaking, and maybe indulging in some of the world-class snorkeling Isla Mujeres is renowned for, you’ve got straight-out-of-a-dream Caribbean R&R at your disposal as a guest of ours at Privilege Aluxes!