Isla Mujeres Attractions

Pristine Beaches Near Isla Mujeres Resort

In recent years, many beaches along the Quintana Roo coast, including around Cancun and the Riviera Maya, have seen epic quantities of seaweed wash ashore: a trend noted widely throughout the Caribbean, in fact. On the whole, here on Isla Mujeres we haven’t dealt with the issue to the same degree, which means guests of ours here at Privilege Aluxes can still enjoy our sparkling white sands to the fullest!

Sargassum Stress

The seaweed pileups in question are specifically due to the well-known free-floating macroalgae called sargassum, which gives its name to the famous Sargasso Sea in the Atlantic Ocean. Currents can drive mats of sargassum into shore, and for a variety of reasons, not all of them fully understood, this has lately been chronically afflicting many Caribbean beachfronts, including those of the Yucatán’s Quintana Roo. The sargassum wrack isn’t dangerous—it doesn’t pollute the beach or cause adverse skin reactions—but many beachgoers dislike the smell and the coverage of it.

Last summer brought a lot of seaweed to Quintana Roo beaches. While our white-sand strands here on Isla Mujeres are just a few miles off the Cancun shore, though, they saw comparatively little sargassum wash up—a reflection of our geographic position in relation to the seaweed-steering currents. The small amounts that did appear were promptly removed by some hard-working (and early-rising) cleanup crews.

This year is expected to see similar issues with sargassum in the same areas, but hopefully, as in 2018, Isla Mujeres will mostly avoid them.

Isla Mujeres’s Pristine Beaches

As a guest of our luxury resort, you’ve got easy access to the celebrated, powdery sands of Isla Mujeres. They include the most famous beach on the island, Playa Norte (North Beach), which is within shouting distance of Privilege Aluxes. The northwestern aspect of Playa Norte, which forms the beachfront of El Centroids, gives its waters a calm and gentle demeanor, which makes the strand a popular place to go swimming and snorkeling. We’ll go out on a limb and predict you’ll be spending your fair share of time basking in Playa Norte’s sunshine and surf during your vacation here at Privilege Aluxes. Playa Posada offers even more sandy goodness near at hand.

On the southwestern shore of Isla Mujeres, Playa Garrafon provides a similarly attractive beach for sunbathing, soaking, and snorkeling, with the varied attractions of the Garrafon Natural Reef Park close by as well.

Playa Tiburon, Playa Lancheros, Playa Paraiso, and Playa Indios are other fine destinations for any beach fanatic and given the compactness of Isla Mujeres none of them are hard to reach from your deluxe guest room or suite here at Privilege Aluxes.

Enjoy the Sand & Surf of Isla Mujeres This Year With a Privilege Aluxes Escape

So, just to reiterate: If you’ve been discouraged by the reports of seaweed-choked beaches in Mexico and elsewhere in the Caribbean, fear not—Isla Mujeres’s beaches have seen little of the offending sargassum, and our beach cleaners are on top of any that does drift into our swash. So join us here for preeminent Caribbean hospitality here at Privilege Aluxes and take advantage of our proximity to some of the most postcard-perfect tropical beaches you could imagine, Playa Norte and beyond!