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Luxury Lodging for Regatta del Sol a Sol

Whether you’re a veteran of the race or an eager newbie, we invite you to stay with us here at Privilege Aluxes for the Regata del Sol a Sol, a venerable sailing competition that marked its 50th running last year and returns in April 2020.

Introducing the Regata del Sol a Sol

Back in 1964, Mexican and U.S. authorities conceived of several regattas between the U.S. Gulf Coast and Mexico. Three of these with finishing lines on Isla Mujeres are still going strong today, and the oldest of all is the Regata del Sol a Sol, the first running of which took place in 1969.

The regatta’s name means a race “from the sun to the sun,” referring to a sunrise start from Tampa Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida and a sunset finish on Isla Mujeres, the legendary “Island of Women” our luxury resort calls home. It takes about three days to make the open-ocean crossing.

The course covers some 456 miles, and challenges sailors with three mighty sea currents en route: the clockwise-flowing Loop Current in the Gulf of Mexico, the easterly Gulf Stream, and the northerly Yucatan Current.

Among the great associated traditions of the Regata del Sol a Sol is the Regata Amigos on its heels, which sees local Isla Mujeres children and their families welcomed aboard the raceboats for a sail.

In 2016, St. Petersburg and Isla Mujeres officially became Sister Cities (having previously been classified as “Friendship Cities”): a bond the Regata del Sol a Sol certainly helps symbolize!

Join Us for the Regata del Sol a Sol Next Year Here at Privilege Aluxes

The Regata del Sol a Sol has shifted over to a running every other year, and thus on the heels of the 50th anniversary regatta last year there’ll be no race in 2019. The 2020 regatta will begin on April 24th with an awards ceremony on May 1st. You’ll be able to register for the 2020 Regata del Sol al Sol on April 23rd of next year. (Learn more here.)

Whether you’ll be taking part in the race or simply watching the finish-line festivities, we invite you to call our luxury resort here at Privilege Aluxes home for the special occasion! We’d love to shower you with the pinnacle of tropical hospitality here in the Mexican Caribbean while you enjoy this wonderful sailboat race linking Florida’s Gulf shore with our blissful isle.