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Luxury Hotel near Best Isla Mujeres Kayaking

While Isla Mujeres is justly celebrated as a place to don a snorkel or scuba gear and explore underwater, it’s also a wonderful place to kayak. Our turquoise and cerulean waters of the Mexican Caribbean, which overlie the northern reaches of the Great Mayan Reef (Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System), are magical to paddle, and with luxury accommodations at Privilege Aluxes you’re well set up for the activity.

Kayaking on Isla Mujeres

You’ll find a number of places to rent kayaks during your stay at Privilege Aluxes on Isla Mujeres, including outfitters near some of the most popular beaches such as Playa Norte. The calm waters of the leeward side of the island are fine places for both beginner and experienced paddlers to take in a little inshore sea kayaking.

One of the best places for kayaking on Isla Mujeres is Garrafon Reef Park, which rents both single and two-person ‘yaks for taking out in the safe, calm, and controlled environment of this watersports mecca (where you can also take to a snorkeling trail or fraternize with dolphins).

These rental kayaks tend to be either of the sit-on-top variety or sit-inside models with open cockpits. Such recreational crafts are great choices for newbie and casual paddlers as opposed to the more enclosed traditional sit-inside touring kayak.

It doesn’t take much practice to master the very basic paddling strokes required to maneuver around the gentle, shallow waters of Garrafon Reef Park or other popular kayaking spots along the Isla Mujeres western shore. More experienced paddlers who’re confident in their skills tackling rougher, more open water have even more options for coastal adventuring.

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

You never know what you might spot kayaking our front-yard Caribbean waters: maybe the glossy gray back of a dolphin, or the graceful silhouette of a slow-winging sea turtle.

Enjoy Prime Kayaking on Isla Mujeres With a Privilege Aluxes Stay

Close as we are to top swimming, snorkeling, and paddling beaches—not to mention the various recreational offerings Garrafon Reef Park specializes in down on the southwestern coast—Privilege Aluxes provides ideal accommodations for anybody interesting in soaking up Isla Mujeres’s Caribbean beauty from the vantage point of a kayak. When you’re not skimming along the waters, you can take advantage of our many on-site amenities—including a fabulous array of dining and the indulgent enticements of our Spa Mystique—and our easy beachfront access. Come join us for preeminent Isla Mujeres resort pampering!