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Luxury Hotel for Mexican Independence Day

Looking for the perfect place to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, September 16th?

Well, look no further than Privilege Aluxes, nestled along the sandy shores of Isla Mujeres in the sparkling Caribbean off the Cancun coast. We’ll shower you with luxury hospitality at our adults-only island resort while you mark the occasion with sunbathing, swimming, snorkeling, wining and dining, and whatever other festivities strike your fancy!

Mexican Independence Day: Commemorating the “Cry of Dolores”

In the wee hours of September 16th, 1810, Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla—a Roman Catholic priest in the town of Dolores—helped orchestrate the freeing of prisoners jailed for their support of Mexican independence from Spain. He then famously tolled the Dolores church bell and called for a revolution, a moment remembered as the “Cry of Dolores” (Grito de Dolores) and—as the spark for the Mexican War of Independence—celebrated as a national holiday.

Hidalgo, who ended up leading an army of supporters toward Mexico City, was captured and executed early in 1811, but the movement he helped inspire ended up a successful one, though it took more than 10 years. In August of 1821, Mexico officially achieved its independence; in 1825, September 16th officially became a national holiday, though the Cry of Dolores had already been commemorated for years by that point.

Independence Day in Mexico is today observed as one of the Fiestas Patrias (“Patriotic Holidays”). On its eve, the president of the country rings the very same church bell Hidalgo made sing in 1810—it’s now a fixture of the National Palace—and delivers a patriotic declaration in the spirit of the Grito de Dolores to the huge assembled crowd. There are no shortage of hearty “Viva Mexico!” cries on the heels of this address, needless to say.

Spend Mexican Independence Day This Year on Isla Mujeres at Privilege Aluxes

Mark Mexican Independence Day 2019 with us here at Privilege Aluxes, where you’ll receive the pinnacle of luxury hospitality service in one of the most magical corners of the Mexican Caribbean: Isla Mujeres.

Given our multiple on-site restaurants and lounges, you’ll certainly have no issue finding a suitable glass to raise in honor of Hidalgo’s fateful actions that long-ago night in Dolores—and given our beach access, world-class spa, swimming pools, and other amenities, you’ll get to spend the holiday in unbeatable tropical style.

Celebrate Mexican Independence day and book your room or suite at Privilege Aluxes today!