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Luxury Hotel for Historic Tours on Isla Mujeres

The attractions of a luxury resort getaway on Isla Mujeres here at Privilege Aluxes are multifaceted. Much of what we offer is a precious immersion in the moment: the bliss of a massage at our Spa Mystique, the glories of a Caribbean sunset toasted with clinked glasses (and sand between your toes), the marvels of an up-close underwater encounter with a whale shark or a fish-swarmed coral reef, some quality time spent with that special somebody in our ultra-romantic suites.

But another wonderful element to a Privilege Aluxes getaway is the chance to sense the depth and flavor of history, here on the extraordinarily culturally rich Yucatan coast of Mexico. Our island paradise gives you amazing access to some of the most celebrated archaeological sites in the Western Hemisphere on the Yucatan mainland, plus a few intriguing historic spots right here on the “Island of Women.”

A Chichen Itza Tour Through Privilege Aluxes

With a pampered home base at Privilege Aluxes, you can take a foray to the Yucatan Peninsula to visit one of the biggest and most famous cities of the ancient Mayan realm: Chichen Itza, one of the New Seven Wonders of the World and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. First settled in 6th century CE, this metropolis flourished during the Mayan Late Classic, Terminal Classic, and Post-Classic periods, during which such astonishing structures as the great pyramid El Castillo (the Temple of Kukulcan), the Temple of the Warriors, the Thousand Columns, and the Observatory were constructed.

One of the treasures of Mesoamerican heritage, Chichen Itza is an absolute must-see: There’s no doubt it’ll rank among the highlights of your Privilege Aluxes vacation.

Punta Sur

The southern tip of Isla Mujeres, Punta Sur, is worth visiting for the ravishing scenery alone—including the famous Cliff of the Dawn (Acantilado del Amanecer), esteemed as the first piece of Mexican land to receive the daybreak rays of the sun. But there’s also plenty of history shimmering here: Punta Sur marked the site of a bygone temple to the Mayan goddess of fertility, Ixchel (Lady Rainbow), and in the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden at Garrafon Reef Park you can see a statue of this powerful mythological figure.

Xcaret Park

Not far away down the Riviera Maya coast in Playa del Carmen, Xcaret Park is an eco-theme park that offers some historical dimension of interest: Here you’ll find a replica of a Mayan village, a Mesoamerican ball court, and performances of traditional dances.

Tap Into Yucatan History on an Escape to Privilege Aluxes

From the grand ruins of Chichen Itza to Lady Rainbow’s stomping ground at Punta Sur, there’s plenty for history buffs to sink their teeth into on a luxury resort retreat to Privilege Aluxes!