Isla Mujeres Attractions

Laid-back Lifestyle on Isla Mujeres, Mexico

From Playa Norte in the north to Cliff of the Dawn in the south tip, Isla Mujeres offers breathtaking Caribbean vistas that lure visitors who need a break from the pressures of the rat race. Our best advice — slow down. You’re on el tiempo de la isla (island time) now, so the first thing you need to do is take off that wrist watch and leave your smartphone behind.

What time is it? Who cares? Ask your stomach. If it growls, “¡tengo hambre!” (I’m hungry), don’t be alarmed by that upside down exclamation mark — head for the Privilege Aluxes Beach Club for a toes-on-the sand lunch. If you’re out and about, check out one of the over 170 laid-back cafés and restaurants on the island with food specialties ranging from traditional Mexican to…uh…Caribbean.

Need to work off that comida deliciosa (delicious meal)? If your off-island lifestyle involves jogging or power walking, leave your jogging or power-walking shoes with your smartphone and go barefoot along Playa Norte. This beach, within walking distance of Privilege Aluxes, is guaranteed to be one of the best you’ve ever visited. Enjoy the native-people watching. Do what they do.

When you’ve had as much beach fun as you can stand, and maybe after a relaxing siesta — take that nap, you’re staying up late tonight! — see what’s going on in the El Centro shopping district. Head towards Galeria Pau Pao and get your own “Islaholic” bracelet. Put it on to remind yourself, again, to leave that wristwatch off. We repeat: Your stomach will tell you what time it is!

When the tengo hambre alarm rings once more, Privilege Aluxes has two great in-hotel restaurants, Sabor and Satay. If you’re in the mood for Thai and Oriental cuisine for dinner at Satay, remember to make reservations. We know that sort of violates being laid back, but we want to make sure we have room for you.

OK, we advised you to take a siesta in your room. If you’re into laid-back “club crawling,” Isla Mujeres has la vida de la noche (night life) for you. As a start, stroll on over to Tiny’s Bar off Madero and Miguel Hidalgo and visit one of the top rated nightspots on the island. Enjoy the warm Caribbean night while you move on or stay put. (Tiny would prefer you do the latter, but he’s too laid-back to say so.)

Feeling guilty about having so much laid-back fun? Don’t, because there’s plenty more where that came from, but you’ll have to be just a bit more energetic. And don’t forget the water sports, museums, zoos, aquariums and landmarks.

Or you can just laze, loaf and enjoy a margarita in one of the best hotel rooms you’ll ever be happy you booked.