Isla Mujeres Attractions

Isla Mujeres Murals

Intricate handicrafts, brightly painted houses, statuary of both the above- and below-water kind—you don’t have to look hard on Isla Mujeres to find artistry. And some of the most striking public art on the island are the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans murals, which bring the exotic majesty of the undersea realm that surrounds our Caribbean outpost to the streets.

These gorgeous murals, which feature talented artists from all over the globe, stem from an international initiative of the ocean-conservation group PangeaSeed Foundation. Over the past several years, PangeaSeed has collaborated with artists and communities to bring these Sea Walls to cities around the world. The artwork is meant to both celebrate the marine ecosystem while raising awareness of the many threats it faces at the hands of humankind.

The overarching goal of the Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans project, according to PangeaSeed, is “to bring the beauty and the plight of our oceans into streets and the world around us.”

At present, the project has seen more than 200 artists create close to 300 murals in a dozen different countries. And Isla Mujeres saw some of the very first, being part of the project’s launch back in 2014. Several of the participating painters hailed from Mexico, among them Curiot, Saver, and Smithe.

Iconic Isla Mujeres Sea Creatures Featured in the Sea Walls

As you’ll see conducting your own self-guided tour of the Isla Mujeres Sea Walls, the island’s artwork puts the spotlight on two of our island’s most emblematic sea creatures: the whale shark and the manta ray. Isla Mujeres offers some of the best opportunities in the world to experience these graceful, filter-feeding ocean giants. (And take note: We’re in the prime season right now for snorkeling with whale sharks, which—as we’ve written about before here at the Privilege Aluxes blog—gather in our local Yucatan waters in summer to feast on a smorgasbord of plankton and other tiny prey.)

Many of the Isla Mujeres Sea Walls also incorporate human beings into their scenes, underscoring the intimate connection we have with the sea and its inhabitants.

Come See the Isla Mujeres Sea Walls on a Privilege Aluxes Getaway!

You can take a virtual gander at some of the Sea Walls right here. But there’s nothing like seeing them in person, and for that we invite you to come stay with us at our heavenly resort here at Privilege Aluxes! You’ll be within easy reach not only of the lavish painted murals, but also the spectacular ocean waters they evoke.