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Isla Mujeres Fishing Charters & Tours

Isla Mujeres enjoys ever-increasing renown as a world-class destination for saltwater sportfishing, and accommodations at Privilege Aluxes give any of you anglers out there an ideal launch pad for plying the bountiful depths —with a side of resort luxury!

Isla Mujeres Gamefish

With its access to deep offshore waters and the proximity of prime mangrove fish nurseries, Isla Mujeres makes an auspicious bull’s-eye for top-caliber Caribbean sportfishing. Here you’ll find truly iconic species: bonito, grouper, dorado, wahoo, barracuda, amberjack, king mackerel, and red snapper, to name a few. Isla Mujeres may be best known, though, as a catch-and-release billfish hotspot: especially for Atlantic sailfish, which gather in swarms here in late winter and spring to prowl the prodigious sardine baitballs, but also for the mighty blue and white marlin.

Needless to say, these are thrilling creatures to parry without over the deep blue off the Yucatan coast. To see a sailfish rocketing from the water and glistening in the tropical sunlight against a skyline of ocean frontier—well, that’s a priceless memory, to put it mildly.

Isla Mujeres Sportfishing Charters

Given the caliber of our local waters, it’s no surprise you’re not going to be lacking in options for sportfishing charters off Isla Mujeres and neighboring Cancun. This Isla Mujeres tourism website provides a good roundup of some of your options, including Keen M. International Blue Water Encounters, Sea Hawk Fishing, Cooperative Isla Mujeres Tours, the Sport Fishing Center, and Nancy Tours Isla Mujeres. Head out for a few hours or charter a boat for a full day of saltwater adventure; choose between inshore waters and deep-sea fishing grounds.

Some of these tours provide the option of getting in the water amid Isla Mujeres’ now-famous springtime gatherings of hunting sailfish: turning your attention, at least for the time being, away from hooking one of these swift billfish to enjoying (and photographing) the mindboggling sight of them sweeping through convulsing baitballs of sardines. (It’s as remarkable an underwater experience as another signature attraction of our island: swimming with the droves of whale sharks that come here in summer, which many of these same tour companies also offer.)

A Sportfishing Getaway to Isla Mujeres With Privilege Aluxes

Right along the Isla Mujeres beachfront, Privilege Aluxes makes an unbeatable place to stay for anybody tantalized by the sailfish, marlin, dorado, and other target species cruising our legendary Caribbean depths. Enjoy the finest in tropical luxury at our resort—a fabulous place to toast a successful day out on the water!