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Isla Mujeres Artist Fair

Isla Mujeres is more than just a jaw-droppingly gorgeous Caribbean haven. Yes, it’s true: We’ve got fabulous beaches, first-class snorkeling and diving, and some unbelievably divine sunsets—all of it at your fingertips here at Privilege Aluxes. But the appeal of this Yucatan isle doesn’t end with its scenic splendor and recreational/R&R opportunities: There’s some amazing culture going on, too.

A great example is the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair, held from 4 to 9 PM on the first and third Thursdays of every month, year-round, rain-or-shine, over at the Cultural Center (Casa Cultura) on Avenue Abasolo and the Malecon. This semi-monthly affair celebrates local and visiting artisans of all stripes: painters, sculptors, photographers, garment and jewelry makers, bakers, knitters, musicians, writers—you name it!

“Our definition of an artist is a person whose work shows exceptional creative ability or skill,” the Fair’s Facebook profile reads, and that’s certainly the unifying hallmark of all its participants. The fair’s a fabulous celebration of art for art’s sake, Mexican culture, and the natural harmony of diverse artists gathering to showcase their creativity and passion.

With plenty of food vendors taking part—after all, mastery in the kitchen is very much its own art form—the Artist Fair’s also a great place to bring your appetite. And in addition to artisans, the event provides a venue for local Isla Mujeres community groups and non-profits to educate visitors about their missions and projects.

The Isla Mujeres Artist Fair has grown by leaps and bounds over its short history, which is a great testament to both its organizers’ zeal and commitment and to the spectacular talents of its participating artists. It began in 2013 as an Artist Series hosted by the Barlito café, and really took off: It was just this summer that the fair, in collaboration with Casa Cultura, was able to expand to its twice-a-month schedule.

Swinging by the Artist Fair during your stay with us at Privilege Aluxes is an incredible opportunity to appreciate locally made art, music, and delicacies in a fun, festive, warm-hearted atmosphere. Isla Mujeres residents and visitors mingle here; so do age-old cultural traditions and cutting-edge artistic vision. The urge to create has been part of this island’s makeup since the early days of the Maya, and the Artist Fair demonstrates that artistic spirit’s still going strong.

Whatever time of year you enjoy Privilege Aluxes and its sand, surf, and sunsets, the Isla Mujeres Artist Fair will be running. If you’re here for the first or third Thursday of the month, beeline for the Cultural Center and enjoy this wonderful homegrown festival!