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Ice Cream Day in Isla Mujeres, Mexico

Summer is closely associated with beaches, swimsuits, and…ice cream! To make your picturesque vacation come true, Privilege Aluxes will be hosting National Ice Cream Day in Isla Mujeres! As one of our specialties at Privilege Aluxes, we work to customize the hotel experience for our guests to enjoy the most during their summer vacation in Isla Mujeres. For the month of July, we’ll be celebrating Ice Cream Day in Isla Mujeres, where guests can sample a variety of ice cream flavors and toppings.

In addition to this, our beachfront resort in Isla Mujeres encourages guests to use the beauty of the backdrops of the Mexican Caribbean to capture an image of their Ice Cream cone and share it on their social media with the hashtag #PrivilegeIceCreamDay. We will be featuring the best images of the ice cream cones on our Privilege Aluxes social media accounts.

The beauty of our Isla Mujeres as a whole would be reason enough to showcase the amazing tropical backdrops with a deliciously crafted ice cream cone and the toppings of your choice; throw in the caliber of services and amenities offered at Privilege Aluxes and make your friends salivate over your Isla Mujeres vacation!

History of National Ice Cream Day

Although the history of ice cream is uncertain, there are various theories suggesting that during Persian Empire, people gathered snow and poured flavored juices over it and enjoy it as a dessert during the hot days of summer. To keep the snow cool, Persians would store it in underground chambers during the summer.

During the colonial era in America, it is believed that the Quakers introduced ice cream and it quickly gained popularity while sold in major cities during the colonial period. Until July of 1984, National Ice Cream was instituted by US President Ronald Reagan as a day when everyone can enjoy an iconic ice cream cone. National Ice Cream Day is celebrated in the middle of the summer, on the third Sunday of July, when families and friends can come together and enjoy the “perfect dessert” on a hot day. 

From our white beaches to our two outdoor swimming pools to the various sports activities in Isla Mujeres, you’ll find delight when you refresh and unwind with an ice cream cone in any of the corners of our resort amid tropical luxury. We’ll make sure to make this Ice Cream Day the most memorable yet when you savor it all amongst palms, sand, and surf of Isla Mujeres.

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