Health Benefits of a Vacation in Isla Mujeres  

We can sometimes talk ourselves right out of taking a vacation—if it’s ever even been something on our radar—by dismissing it as a wasteful indulgence. Surely we should be using that time to work rather than relax, right?

Not so. A vacation is an absolute necessary: a restorative break from the mental, physical, and emotional strain of workaday life.

Vacations: The Antitode for Stress

For instance, consider this article by Lolly Daskal over at, which rounds up four major health benefits of vacations. Cutting back on stress is one of the prime ones: As Daskall notes, an American Psychological Association study suggested a vacation combats that draining (and potentially dangerous) condition by removing you, if temporarily, from those settings and routines that you associate with stress.

And she cites other research by the University of Vienna showing that people can experience a reduction in classic physical hallmarks of stress—headaches and the like—for weeks after a vacation.

Heart Health

Daskal notes other research that suggests vacations may also provide cardiovascular benefits, with some studies indicating that people who take regular time off are less likely to develop heart disease.

Sharpening Your Brainpower

Vacations might also improve your cognitive health—maybe, a bit ironically, making you more productive back at work than those colleagues of yours who refuse to step away from the grind. “Just as lack of sleep impedes your ability to think clearly and act decisively,” Barbara Reinhold writes at Monster, “lack of playtime keeps you from taking in information effectively and seeing the totality of a situation.”

Improved Sleep

And speaking of sleep, you may well hit the hay more soundly on a vacation. That could be because of the tranquil setting and rhythm (certainly true of Isla Mujeres!), and also because, as Daskal writes at, vacationers also often naturally pursue healthier sleep habits—not working into the wee hours or spending excessive time in front of a screen.

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It’s all too easy to let work sabotage your life, wreaking havoc on your health and your familial and social relationships. And you may well know the danger of actually getting addicted to work and its rigorous, exhausting routine. Fight against that addiction—and restore your well-being and sharpen your faculties for when you come home—with a getaway to Privilege Aluxes here on Isla Mujeres, where tropical R&R is a sure recipe for stress-relief, deep sleep, and all-around happiness! Hasn’t it been too long since your last vacation?

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