Feel Privileged and Valentine the right way!

February 14 marks Valentine’s Day in many corners of the globe. That’s true of Mexico as well, though the tradition is one that’s been imported from English-speaking countries. And Mexico very much puts its own stamp on the holiday, which here is more widely known as El Dia del Amor y la Amistad: “the Day of Friendship and Love.”

Valentine’s Day in Isla Mujeres: Going Beyond Romantic Love

Nowadays, of course, Valentine’s Day is pretty darn big business: all those flowers, chocolates, candy hearts, necklaces, and the like.

That’s certainly in evidence in Mexico this time of year, but also emphasized are “acts of appreciation” aimed at anybody you care about: lovers, buddies, kith-and-kin, and beyond.

We want to highlight some specific acts of love and kindness that are unique to Isla Mujeres!

  1. Sail the waters and deepen your love!
    There are many boat rentals available, including a luxury catamaran sail! Feel the love of your partner as you admire the spreading water with a delicious cocktail in your hand!
  2. Explore and snorkel!
    Go snorkeling in the Mexican Caribbean’s beautiful reefs among jaw-dropping colored fish blanketed by the warm morning sun.
  3. Get a couple’s Spa Treatment!
    What better than sharing an intimate, pampering moment together with a relaxing couple’s spa day!
  4. Beach, yes!
    Make it a beach day! Relax all day on white sand beach, coral reefs, and deep blue water with your loved one! And then…
  5. Dance!
    What better than proceeding a relaxing day time activities with swinging your hips to the rhythms of salsa and other local music!

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