Expedia Awards Hotel Privilege Aluxes a “¡Número Uno!” rating for 2015

We may not be among the swankiest, most expensive hotels in the world. For example, you could head for Cannes, France, and rent the Penthouse Suite at one of its world famous hotels for a breathtaking nightly rate of around $18,000.

On the other hand, we are pretty much recognized as one of the best hotels in the absolute best place in Mexico. Also, our room rates are within the reach of the average person seeking the warm, turquoise waters off the Caribbean beaches of Isla Mujeres. We’d rather you spend your vacation bucks on fun, food, and beachcombing. +VIP rates us in the best of the best

But don’t take our word for it. Privilege Aluxes is one of the +VIP Access hotels. To enter that exclusive realm of hand-picked hotels, we had to show that we:

  • Typically receive the best guest reviews
  • Consistently get top ratings in our region
  • Always deliver a high standard of service that meets Expedia’s fussy criteria

And here’s even better news: of the its 2,000 +VIP Access members, Expedia chose Privilege Aluxes for its “Best of 2015” Award. That means we’re in the top 400 hotels worldwide, so excuse us while we take a bow and thank our great guests who helped make that great recognition possible.

…because guests love us!

Yes, it’s great to be at the top of Expedia’s VIP Access rankings, but we got there because our guests have taken the trouble to write good things about us. Specifically, during 2014, 1,370 travelers rated our hotel as “excellent.” So we’re also the proud owners the TripAdvisor’s Certificate of Excellence.

Laurels are great, but we don’t rest on them

When it comes to giving our guests the best service and deals, the Spanish word proactivo comes to mind here. Change the final o to e, and it describes the extra steps Privilege Aluxes takes to offer its guests the best vacation ever; to name just 4:

  • Guests don’t have to worry about overpaying. See a lower room rate on Expedia or another service? Book through us and we’ll match it, and throw in a spa credit.
  • How about a romantic getaway for 5 nights in our honeymoon suite with all the trimmings?
  • You probably know that the state of Quintana Roo is home to some of the most famous Mayan historical sites, right? We have a 5-day, all inclusive special that will appeal to any Mesoamerican history buff.
  • Looking for a senior discount for that 7-day stay at Isla Mujeres? We have a package that will make AARP jealous.

Find out more about the above and our other incentives we’ve thought up to lure you to this island paradise with one of Mexico’s best hotels. Visit our I Smart page and book on down here!