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Dry Sauna vs. Steam Room Experience 

Saunas are age-old rooms of healing and relaxation used for centuries in parts of Eurasia, with similar setups (such as the North American sweat lodge) found in other corners of the globe. Nowadays saunas based on Scandinavian, Russian, Japanese, and other designs as well as related heat treatments can be found just about everywhere—in home setups and resort spas alike.

Here at Privilege Aluxes, the sauna experiences available at our world-class Spa Mystique deliver this time-honored treatment in the spectacular setting of Isla Mujeres—refreshing and rejuvenating in and of itself.

Each sauna treatment is not like the other, though. Do you know the difference between a dry sauna and a steam room? The effects are similar, but there are some key differences. We recommend trying them both to get a sense for those differences firsthand—and that’s exactly what you can do at Spa Mystique!

Dry Sauna vs. Steam Room: The Basics

There are all sorts of sauna variations, of course: There have been since Day One, and modern-day spas have diversified the possibilities all the more.

Both a dry sauna and a steam room impart many of their healthful benefits by prompting your body to produce sweat. The dry sauna, though, does this simply with high temperatures, while a steam room—surprise, surprise—uses water flashed to steam and the resulting high humidity. This is typically done through the ancient method of splashing water on heated rocks.

Because more humid air transfers heat more readily, and because perspiration doesn’t evaporate as quickly in such conditions, a steam room can feel hotter than its actual air temperature. A dry sauna will use higher temperatures at a significantly lower humidity level.

Both dry saunas and steam rooms allow you to sweat out impurities and happily “marinate” in a pleasantly hot, tranquil environment. Some like the dry heat of a dry sauna; others enjoy the hydrating, decongesting immersion in a muggy steam room. For the most part, it simply comes down to personal preference.

Spa Mystique

You can sample both the dry-sauna and steam-room experience at Spa Mystique, our very own onsite Privilege Aluxes spa. Open every day from 7:30 AM to 6 PM, Spa Mystique offers a wide range of other treatments besides sauna sessions.

Treating yourself to a steam, a massage, a body wrap, or some other pampering here is the perfect icing on the cake to a day on Isla Mujeres, relishing the amenities of our beachside resort and the sightseeing—both on land and underwater—that this extra-special island off the Yucatan coast offers!