Isla Mujeres Attractions

It’s Carnival Time in Isla Mujeres!

Easily one of the most exciting seasons is just about upon us: Carnival! No doubt about it: Though our homegrown celebrations may not be as famous or as huge as those in Veracruz or Mazatlan (let alone Rio de Janeiro), Isla Mujeres definitely knows how to mark the occasion with some major flair!

Introduced to Mexico by the Spanish, Carnival turns the five-day leadup to Lent into one grand, high-energy party, heartily observed in Isla Mujeres as well as Cozumel and other corners of the Yucatan Peninsula. The island’s royally fun and energetic version more than holds its own with the bigger Carnivals elsewhere in the Americas—a fact more and more visitors are discovering for themselves.

The Famous Carnival Parades

At the heart of the festivities? Why, the exuberant parades down Avenida Rue Medina, of course, which feature multiple dance troupes spectacularly arrayed in brightly colored handmade costumes alongside similarly decorated floats. Folks of all ages take part in the proceedings. Needless to say, the salsa-fueled spectacle is astounding—and infectious!

As this Mexico News Daily article nicely lays out, the regal, decked-out costumes Isla Mujeres women sport during Carnival can take days or even weeks to put together, and planning them out may take much of the year.

This year’s Carnival runs from February 24 through the 28th, which marks Fat Tuesday; the following day, Ash Wednesday, kicks off the soberer weeks of Lent.

Join the Carnival Festivities with Privilege Aluxes

You should absolutely consider joining us down here for the occasion of the Isla Mujeres Carnival: It’s sheer joy to be swept up in the revelry, and there’s no better home base for taking it all in than Privilege Aluxes.

After all, a stay with us at our centrally located luxury Isla Mujeres resort means you can alternate Carnival parade-going and partying with sunbathing and snorkeling along our private Caribbean beach, indulging in a massage in our standout spa, or relishing a lip-smacking meal at any of our three on-site restaurants: Sabor, Satay, or the Pool Bar. And our stylish guestrooms and suites are a joy to return to after watching all those sequined and feathered dancers. Whether you want to keep the Carnival celebrations going around the clock or seek out some slow-paced R&R amid the dazzling pageantry, we’ll accommodate you all the way here at Privilege Aluxes!

We couldn’t be more excited for this year’s Carnival, and we hope you’ll make the trip to join the party!