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Cancun Vacation Tips to Prevent Montezuma’s Revenge

It’s easy to joke about Montezuma’s Revenge, that classic bane of globehoppers that also goes by the more technical (and more boring) name of Traveler’s Diarrhea. But to anyone who’s found their vacation sabotaged by its unpleasant gastrointestinal upheaval, it’s not exactly a laughing matter.

Fortunately, there’s plenty you can do to reduce your chances of being sidelined by the “bug.” Let’s take a quick look at the basics!

What is Montezuma’s Revenge—aka Traveler’s Diarrhea?

Traveler’s Diarrhea can affect just about anybody just about anywhere, but it most commonly afflicts people from industrialized nations visiting developing countries; travelers are most likely to contract it in the tropics and semitropics of Latin America, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa. The actual cause of the condition can vary, but in the majority of cases the culprit is bacteria of one kind or another.

You can contract Traveler’s Diarrhea by drinking contaminated water (including that melted from ice cubes) or eating certain undercooked or raw foods.

Tips for Avoiding Traveler’s Diarrhea

While infection may come from environments with poor sanitation, it’s important to remember that Traveler’s Diarrhea is often partly due to your own gut’s lack of familiarity (and immunity) to local microbial communities.

To minimize your chances of a bout of Montezuma’s Revenge, experts recommend eating only cooked food served hot; don’t eat raw fruits or vegetables unless they’ve been washed in uncontaminated water or completely peeled. Only drink water that’s been boiled or treated/purified, or stick to commercially bottled water; don’t drink straight tap water, and avoid ice cubes if you don’t know their source.

And remember to wash your hands thoroughly and frequently!

You can learn more about Traveler’s Diarrhea from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, the World Health Organization, and the Mayo Clinic.

Practice Common Sense to Avoid Montezuma’s Revenge, and Enjoy A Blissful Getaway in the Mexican Caribbean!

As a guest of ours at Privilege Aluxes, you can rest assured our food preparation is top-of-the-line and the water we provide safe to drink, but you should still keep the above precautions in mind during your travels around Isla Mujeres. While Traveler’s Diarrhea isn’t usually a serious illness for healthy adults, it’s certainly one that can spoil your tropical getaway—and that’s the last thing we want to see happen!