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Best Resort for Exploring Isla Mujeres on Golf Cart or Moped

Isla Mujeres’s small size and quiet tempo lend the island to laidback modes of travel. Perhaps the quintessential way to get around here is by golf cart, though you’ll also see plenty of mopeds/scooters in action around this jewel of the Mexican Caribbean.

A golf cart or a moped is the perfect ride to have at your disposal while soaking up the beachfront Isla Mujeres luxury here at Privilege Aluxes. Here’s a quick primer on how to secure one—and where to go!

Sightseeing on Isla Mujeres With a Golf Cart or Moped

Whether your choice of wheels takes the form of a golf cart or a scooter, you’ll be well positioned to enjoy the best Isla Mujeres has to offer with a home base at Privilege Aluxes.

What could be a better way to hop from gorgeous Caribbean beach to gorgeous Caribbean beach than via golf cart or moped? Isla Mujeres lays claim to some wonderful swaths of sand, from the huge and popular Playa Norte—just a coconut’s toss away from Privilege Aluxes—to Playa Tiburon, Playa Indios, Playa Garrafon, and Playa Paraiso, to name only a few. Besides sunbathing and swimming, many beaches offer some of the world-class snorkeling for which Isla Mujeres is so celebrated.

A classic destination is Punta Sur, the ravishing southern tip of Isla Mujeres and once host to a Mayan temple dedicated to Ixchel (aka Lady Rainbow). Trundle down here to pay your respects to a statue of this patron fertility goddess of the island and visit the Cliff of the Dawn (Acantilado del Amanecer), the first part of Mexican terra firma touched by the sunrise each day.

From World War II-era lighthouses to the beautiful tombs of the island cemetery, check out some more ideas for sightseeing on Isla Mujeres right here.

A moped or golf cart also gives you the perfect means of doing some shopping and culinary tourism on Isla Mujeres. So consider going this popular route for getting around this paradise-caliber island when you come stay with us here at Privilege Aluxes!