An Island Proposal on Isla Mujeres

Every proposal is romantic in its own way. Every couple remembers their first kiss, rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the honeymoon… moments lavishly documented in pictures for posterity. But the proposal is an important moment because it is that magical point at which two different people agree to be each other’s family. Life changes after this commitment, so it is an emotional occasion that deserves an idyllic setting. The proposal truly sets the tone for what is to come. So if you want your life to be a walk on the beach, you better know where to start.

Getting engaged on an island is memorable because you have had the chance to unwind and be in the moment. You hear funny proposal stories, where everything did not go as planned. An island proposal is a much safer way to make sure everything goes swimmingly, pun intended. It is also important to choose a place where you both feel focused solely on one another. The bride-to-be is always prouder to tell the story when it takes place against a backdrop fit for the movies.

The best proposals are not necessarily complete surprises. Regardless of whether the girlfriend is in on the plan or caught off-guard, couples are happier at the end of leisurely days by the water. An island engagement is incredibly romantic, especially when followed by fine food and champagne to toast the big news. Women will call, text and show their friends the ring, but they will also remember the colors and the feeling that surrounded them at that moment.

It is heartwarming to hear friends tell their wedding proposal story at every family party. Sharing pictures with friends of the glowing sunset, clear waters and pearly sands that served as the setting on that day is sure to inspire other couples to jet off to a tropical paradise too.