Adult Only Resort Benefits in Isla Mujeres

Here at Privilege Aluxes, we’ve got some very exciting news to announce, an important change that will make us even more of a paradisal luxury retreat in the Mexican Caribbean for vacationers from all around the world.

We’re thrilled to announce that Privilege Aluxes is launching a transition into an adults-only resort.

For now, kids can still stay here, but you’ll notice the room rates for children are now the same as for adults. That’s the first of several changes we’ll gradually be implementing on our new journey.

The Grownup Pleasures of Privilege Aluxes & the Benefits of an Adults-only Resort

Now, don’t take this the wrong way: we love kids. But Privilege Aluxes has always held deep appeal for honeymooners, newlyweds, couples celebrating anniversaries, and other sweethearts—not to mention, of course, guests flying solo who are looking for an utterly relaxing, utterly immersive tropical escape. We want to give those folks an even more magical experience by putting the focus on tranquility, romance, and grownup-style fun and R&R—qualities always in ready supply at our Isla Mujeres resort, and now set to be even more front-and-center.

Our evolution into an adults-only destination will make our fabulous grounds—from the sand-between-your-toes Privilege Beach Club to the heaven-on-earth bliss-scapes of Spa Mystique—truly a playground for men and women seeking respite from workaday burdens in the utterly magical Caribbean oasis of Isla Mujeres.

Wonderful as they are, children create a particular kind of atmosphere at a resort, and we’ve decided the sort of mood we’d like to offer—equal parts around-the-clock fun, ultra romantic, and bone-deep soothing—is best cultivated with a grownup crowd exclusively.

Adults-Only, Not Couples-Only

You may have heard of or stayed at couples-only resorts before, and to clarify that’s not the direction we’re headed here. We welcome single guests with open arms, and the Privilege Aluxes experience will not by any means be focused on romantic partners alone. The only change here is a move away from being a family resort.

A New Chapter for Privilege Aluxes—and All the Same Luxury Appeal

We think returning guests and newcomers alike will love this shift, which, again, simply expands and deepens one of the core focuses we’ve always had here at Privilege Aluxes. Whether you need the perfect beachfront site for a destination wedding, a gorgeous retreat for celebrating decades in love, a straight-out-of-paradise venue for a long-talked-about friends getaway, or a restorative retreat for surfside self-reflection, we’re here for you!