Things to Do

Seaweed Free Playa Norte

Maybe you’ve seen the recent headlines: seaweed clogging up popular Caribbean beaches, turning glorious white sands into piled-up brown wrack—and turning swimmers and sunbathers away.

Well, we’ve got very good news for you: While those seaweed “infestations” are definitely an issue in some places, they really aren’t here on Isla Mujeres, which means you’ve got plenty of pristine tropical sand to enjoy as a guest of ours here at Privilege Aluxes!

Preparing for Your Trip

Privileged Spring Break

Looking for a spring-break destination that hits all the right sand, sun, and surf notes, but without the jampacked crowds and crazy atmosphere?

Allow us to suggest the gorgeous and laidback Isla Mujeres, then: just a stone’s throw from the jostled-over beaches of Cancun and the Riviera Maya, but also a world away, with its own truly one-of-a-kind magic. With adults-only beachfront luxury here at Privilege Aluxes, you’ll be all set up for a spring break of the unforgettable variety!

Preparing for Your Trip

What makes Isla Mujeres a Great Vacation Destination

Isla Mujeres, Mexico, is a quaint, breath-taking, relaxing island located off the coast of Cancun. Its beautiful blue water, coral reefs, white sand, palm tree, and Mayan ruins make it one of the best vacation destinations!

A Better Mexico Vacation Option

If you’re looking for everything that makes Cancun memorable without the intensity, non-stop, need a vacation after a vacation essence of Cancun, then Isla Mujeres is your ideal vacation destination!


Feel Privileged and Valentine the right way!

February 14 marks Valentine’s Day in many corners of the globe. That’s true of Mexico as well, though the tradition is one that’s been imported from English-speaking countries. And Mexico very much puts its own stamp on the holiday, which here is more widely known as El Dia del Amor y la Amistad: “the Day of Friendship and Love.”