Safety & Authenticity of Luxury Isla Mujeres Resort

Join us at Privilege Aluxes, and you’ll be treated to one of the most magical corners of the Caribbean: a place that combines luxurious tropical tranquility and ravishing seascape beauty with the friendly, authentic, and diverse local culture of Isla Mujeres.

Things to Do

Relaxing Spa Day at Mystique In Isla Mujeres

No matter what you do or where you go on Isla Mujeres during a getaway to Privilege Aluxes, you’re going to find yourself in the lap of bliss.

Our stunning isle in the Mexican Caribbean serves up the palms and powdery sands your heart desires, plus warm waters brimming with tropical fish, sunsets of famously heavenly caliber, and—here at Privilege Aluxes—some awesome beachfront wining and dining.

But our resort takes things to an even more transcendent level thanks to our on-site oasis of health, wellness, and beautification: Spa Mystique.

Isla Mujeres Attractions

Pristine & Sea-Weed Free Waters At Privilege Aluxes

In the past several years, pileups of seaweed have been major news items throughout the Caribbean as well as in Florida. While in some areas—including parts of Mexico’s Quintana Roo coast—this seaweed wrack has been a significant issue and a complicating factor for beachgoers, the good news is it’s only a minor factor here on Isla Mujeres.

That means you most likely will have essentially seaweed-free beaches to enjoy and pristine Caribbean waters on your tropical getaway with Privilege Aluxes!